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Flip page PDF – Publishing of the future

Flip page PDF helps to create flip android publications fast, which can be accessible on Android-powered devices. Flip page PDF for Android is distillate on transforming PDF and images to page-flipping electronic publications for Android-powered devices. You can easily generate apps for Android without any programming workload. The Flip page PDF apps are enable to search, book index, hyperlinks. You are also able to read the book with flipping affects just like browsing originally a paper book.

When I started blogging, I followed all the advice of the internet marketing gurus. Build a website? Check. Launch a landing page talking directly to my ideal buyer? Double check. Create a lead magnet in PDF form? Check and check. What I discovered after launch was that no one was interested in a PDF. They’d seen so many already. I had to find a way to make mine unique and stand out among all the other PDF ebooks, reports, and magazines out there. If digital was best, why wasn’t my lead magnet being shared? Why wasn’t I seeing opt-ins from my PDF?

A PDF is Now Old School

PDF Logo crossed outI knew that a way to stand out had to exist. I didn’t want to physically mail my reports, so I had to come up with a different solution. So I researched a little bit. In a small corner of the internet I found a few bloggers who were using something different in their courses and their lead magnets. What were they using, you ask? Good question! Do you remember those small handheld books that you sort of “flipped” through to see a miniature movie? I used to have one or two all the time that I’d bought from school fairs. Well, those were flipbooks.

Today, flipbooks also refer to a digital way of presenting your PDF. Using HTML5, flash, and JavaScript, publishers and organizations can simulate the appearance of an actual magazine without actually creating an physical magazine. It’s like having a page flip effect without the page. And fortunately, you won’t have to hand code a piece of software, either. Instead, all you have to do is upload your PDF into a flip page pdf creator and voila! Digital PDF flipbook that looks more physical and increases the perceived value of your lead magnet.

Making the Digital Real Again

But it’s not just the perceived value that increases. It’s also the viral-ability. Think about it – when was the last time you shared a PDF on social media? Never, right? A flipbook has the added functionality of being instantly sharable on a variety of social media platforms. Gone are the days where your PDF had to be emailed around or shared via a cloud service; now your readers can share your content right from the page.

There are other features, too. Most flip page pdf conversion services offer the ability to add SEO value, embed the PDF into your website, or embed external links that actually work. You can also add video and audio for truly immersive content that doesn’t feel like a cheap PDF. It’ll feel more like a production and it’ll feel more like you gave them something of value

And if you have a catalog, an HTML5 flipbook is a great way to simulate the experience of perusing a catalog, because let’s face it: no one wants to shop from a PDF file. Your pages can link to standalone product pages or even link to a shopping cart itself. And by going digital, you’ll save thousands in shipping costs to prospects who might never buy from your catalog anyway. Your customers will get the experience without you burdening the cost.

How to Create Page Flipping ebooks

There are many page flip software services out there that will help you convert your PDF to a web-friendly, mobile-friendly flipbook. Most of them, even at the enterprise level, are much cheaper than a printed, physical copy.

You’ll need to start with a PDF. You can create one for free using services like Canva or you can use traditional tools like Nuance PowerPDF or Adobe Acrobat. Or, hire a designer to build one for you. Once you have your PDF, you’ll need to find a conversion tool

A few services that will help make your PDF pages flip:

  • When you really need a more magazine-like feel, Issuu is what you should use. Hundreds of magazines use them to create beautiful digital newsstands.
  • a multi-tiered service that is simple to use. I like that it has an option to collect leads from the flip page pdf
  • When you want to combine the pdf page flip creator with a CRM, Joomag is your solution. this one is focused more on the lead magnet side of things.
  • “Turn your PDF into an ebook in 10 minutes” is their motto. They offer a standalone desktop software that lets you bypass the monthly fee altogether.
  • This one has quite a few large companies as customers. Their service lets you highlight words, create apps for the app store, and build tablet-friendly HTML5 documents easily. Their pricing is more enterprise-level and is charged annually.

Picking Important Features

Not every service has the same set of features. When I went looking, I compared a few based on price, ease of use, sharability, embedded content features, and SEO options. I wanted to make sure that my lead magnet could be found and shared by as many people as possible. If you run as shop, you might want to look at services that offer shopping cart features. If you’re a magazine, then getting into the newstands at Google and Amazon might be more important. There’s no one right service for everyone, so pick the one that fits your business best.

With the range of services out there, you have no excuse not to make a flip page pdf that’s a flash-based, JavaScript-based virtual magazine, ebook, or catalog. Readers are more likely to both enjoy and share your digital content when you make it engaging and easy to share and the services mentioned above will create one quickly. When I implemented it on my blog, I received immediate feedback on the quality. My readers noticed and responded. In turn, I got a few hundred more email subscribers that I might have otherwise. Is that worth the $10 to $30 per month? Absolutely.

Features of Flip page PDF:

  1. View the Flipbook publications on your Android devices.
  2. Convert PDF to remarkable digital android book app within seconds
  3. Create any number book apps for free.
  4. Stunning book apps can be sold on any android market

Some more lucrative features of Flip page PDF:

  • Very Easy to create flip android publication
    With easy to use interface of Flip page PDF, you can create a flip android publication such as  magazine, cartoon, comic, brochure, catalogue, etc. in a few seconds! If you are a new user, you can use this tool within a couple of minutes without any special training. The output is got in APK files and these files can be uploaded to Android market or your own homepage, if you already have accounts.
  • To earn commission fee embed Admob ads
    Before build an app, there are actually two options to choose: embed ads of Admob or not. You can register an Admob account and embed its ID in the output Flip page PDF apps. After readers obtain it and install in their Android devices, they would view the ads. Of course, many reader will feel sick about it. If your original aim is selling content, embed carefully.
  • Create Book Index
    You’re able to choose thumbnail or non-thumbnail form. The thumbnail actually equals the book index. You can get quick access to the Flip page PDF, by sliding the thumbnail at the bottom. There is also an additional quick-approach method.
  • Test the output apps in Android emulator, mobile phone or tablet
    We should make an action before transmit the output Flip page PDF to reader. You should take some time to test them. Download an Android emulator in PC for testing.
  • About Publish Online
    No matter how commanding Android magazine app maker is, we all have the only one eventual perseverance that publish our eBook online smartly and earn money. If you have own website, that’ll be even easier. Upload the output Flip page PDF on your site and earn money in some way.
  • Insert links into pages in your Publication
    Hyperlinks can be implanted in any pages. Moreover, it can be positioned in any position with any size. You can also regulate it’s position and size.
  • One-time fee, unlimited conversion
    Once you have procured Flip page PDF, you can use it to convert an unlimited number of PDF files. There is no conversion fee or no subscription fee.
  • Free upgrade for ever
    Upgrades are permanently free. Once you have bought the Flip PDF, you can use it persistently. We spare the right to increase price for later versions, but you don’t have to pay for upgrading.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Flip page PDF software is excellent value as well as work very hard to make sure that this remains true. If you are displeased with the service for any cause, you will obtain a full refund.