Different Apple devices with flip PDF

Flip PDF for Mac -Why and how to convert a PDF to a Flipbook

Flip PDF for Mac makes it reckless and cool for Mac users to convert PDF files into not only mobile friendly but also eye-catching magazines or brochures with an amazing page-flipping effect.

Flip PDF for Mac software, integrated with hundreds of features for publishers, enables you to create exclusive and remarkable digital publications within few minutes. Creating a flip PDF for Mac users is perfect for every business owner or digital marketer who wants to improve his/her sales. What reader wouldnt want to flip PDF files instead of just scrolling them?

PDF files are out of fashion

As the internet grows, more and more devices gain access. PDF files require the user to download an entire file and then opening it in an extra software. This can be very data and time consuming, especially on mobile devices. A page flip book on the other hand can be opened directly in the browser and only stream the content that the user needs. They are fast, lightweight and provide the reader with a more natural reading experience than the endless scrolling in a PDF. Most flipping book services offer one or multiple page flip animations.

Compatibility is a big factor

While PDF offers many features, they are often only compatible with special software and operating systems. A page flipping ebook, with all it’s multimedia content and animations, is compatible with every platform and every device. A flip PDF is for Mac users, for Windows users, for Android users, for Linux users and so on. It also is responsive and isn’t limited to big or small display sizes!

Iphone with Flipbook

Flipping PDF’s are even readable on mobile devices like the Apple iPhone 6

Responsive Web Design

Have you ever opened a PDF on a mobile device from a website? If yes, you know that you first need to download the PDF file and then open it in an external reader tool. That’s not very intuitive and will scare off many of your readers. Not with online flip PDF’s for Mac (and Windows)! Page flip PDF’s can be embedded directly on every website using either iFrames or Javascript. They are also responsive and can be used on smartphones, tablets and desktop Macs. What more could you ask for?

10 Reasons to choose Flip PDF for Mac

There are many reasons why one should start creating page flipping ebooks, but I have listed the 10 most important ones here. Should you have any more input for me, please use the comment section. I am always eager to hear what my readers are thinking!

  1. Convert PDFs to dynamic Flip books on Mac
    Flip PDF are for Mac and all other operating systems out there. The Mac version of the page flipping book software delivers an efficient, operative adaptation mode to customize your Flash & HTML5 page-flipping eBook with affluence.
  2. HTML5 version for mobile devices
    PDF Mac flip software can output to both Flash and HTML5 formats to support different devices habitually. You can design or publish eBooks seamlessly by using a Mac PDF page flip book  across mobile phones, tablets, and desktop. The software suggests publishers rationalized digital magazine and catalogue capabilities immediately across all the popular platforms.
  3. Google Analytics tracking
    If you intend to know how many readers read your book, enable Google Analytics tracking feature and attach your GA ID unswervingly to online flipbooks using Flip PDF for Mac. After attaching your publication with GA, you’ll be able track your flipbook’s performance and optimize your content strategy.
  4. Embedding the page flipping ebooks on your website
    You can use all your flip pdf files on your website too! Most online services offer an embed wizard which generates you a HTML/Javascript code that you can insert on your blog or even on Facebook! The flipbook is then readable directly there.
  5. Add company logo and branding
    Customize the flip PDF professional book with your website icon or company logo. Get revelation for your brand as well as make sure that it is extensively identifiable to target audiences. This feature also allows to deliver company’s branding information to clients as they are viewing publications.
  6. Instantly publish, manage & share publications
    To publish your created Flip PDF for Mac online easily, it’s not mandatory to have a web site or any other “pro” tools. Create an account on one of the many professional flip pdf services and you are good to go. Then you can simply upload the PDF, convert PDF page to a page flip magazine and share your with others.
  7. Customize the features of any flipbook
    You can straightforwardly customize any style of your Flip PDF for Mac. By using numerous settings, the user can set titles, create tool bar icons, logos, backgrounds, cover designs, and other custom features. This depends on the service you chose, as not all offer the same kind  of customization.
  8. Add Multimedia to your PDF Mac flip book
    Latest version of Flip PDF for Mac permits users to add audio and video files to the pages of their magazine. Such advanced features consents you to create stirring presentations for meetings, language books for learning, story books for kids or whatever your imagination creates.
  9. Free trial versions available
    You can sign up and use most Flip page PDF for Mac tools completely for free. Most have some paid plans that offer more advanced features, but those aren’t mandatory for you.
  10. Getting support and help
    Almost every flip PDF service is offering free support on all their products to each and every customer they have.