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PDF to HTML5 flipbook conversion – Super easy, Super free

PDF to html5 flipbook converters are a cutting-edge technology that allows users to convert their customized PDF files into stylish online PDF flipping books. This technique takes a couple of minutes to complete the process. You can turn any PDF documents or publications into page turning magazine and e-books. Besides writings, you can also add video, audio and hyperlinks to the turning page and build inspiring effects.

Designed to improve the product layout as well as standard product images, this new technique allows users to build stunning content, include portfolios, digital magazines and product catalogs with flipping page effects and user friendly controls. Added functionalities allow inserting texts, images, links and video files.

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Support multiple devices and browsers

Though people use PDF to HTML5 flipbook converting software, they are concerned about the supported devices and browsers. But don’t worry, flipbooks are fully responsive. The HTML5 flipbook converstion software supports multiple devices and resolutions, such as Apple and Android phones, Mac, PC, etc.

Multiple devices with HTML5 Flipbook

Being responsive is important!

The page turning magazine will run in almost all browsers and on all the different devices. Regardless of the browser you are using, you can instantly view the online magazine and flip trough pages. HTML flipping books are compatible with most common browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc. Here you can see an example of a responsive flip book. Resize your browser and it still looks great:


PDF to html5 flipbook – The Outstanding features

  • You can upload any PDF you have and it will get converted to a flip book
  • The flip books can be shared on all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • They are responsive and work on all devices. It doesn’t matter if the device supports flash or not
  • You can embed multimedia content like videos, sound files and links into your magazine
  • Most services offer extensive analytics. You always know how much readers, downloads, etc. you have
  • The digital magazines can be embedded in your website and they can be read directly there
  • Flipbooks require no download, only what the user reads is being streamed. This saves data!
  • Magazines can be set to private and be secured with password protection

Where can I get those features?

With these features and functionalities in mind, it is worth noting that the PDF to html5 flipbook conversion is FREE! There are many HTML5 flipbook converters that convert your PDF to a HTML5 flipbook free of cost. Many software developing companies are promoting advanced versions of this technology to choose from.

I will now show you how you can convert any PDF file to an amazing flipbook in a few minutes. Just follow along my tutorial:

Step 1 – Upload your PDF file to the converter

This is  just one of many free services. You can use any other service aswell (Issuu.com, Publitas.com, etc.).

Then drag your PDF into the upload box on the starting page. This will start the upload process.

When the upload process is finished, create an account and confirm your email address.

Step 2 – Configure your newly created HTML5 flipbook

Now log-in and go to “My magazines”.

You can then see all your created HTML5 flipbooks. Click on “Edit magazine” on the desired flipbook. Now configure it to your liking. Make sure you follow these guideliens:

  • For optimal search engine optimization, use a good title and add a long and fitting description
  • Also add tags to your magazines, so it can be found on Google Search

Step 3 – Embed the HTML5 flip book on your website

As the final step, you can generate an embed code and insert it on your website. To do that, open your magazine and click on “Embed”.

Now choose “Advanced” and configure your embed. After that you can copy the generated code and insert it into your website. Done!

So should I convert my PDF to a HTML5 flipbook?

More people choose to read e-books, online magazines and newspapers, these days, thanks to  the advanced technology of HTML5 flipbooks. It removed the hard task of scrolling down for the next pages of content, while making reading very easy and almost like a real life experience. Many online  publishing companies and business owners use this incredible software to appeal to their customers  and improve sales.

With this software, readers can flip pages instantly, instead of first downloading a big PDF file.  You can turn your typical PDF files into stylish flipping books and upload them on your site for free.  You don’t even need to have the flash player to use this, as it is HTML5 ready.

You must do a thorough research on reputed options and consider what you actually want to do with the software. Your requirements will determine the right software you want to use. Ask your friends and colleagues if they have recently discovered a reliable HTML5 flipbook online tool.